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Whether you are looking for a drainage restoration service, general plumbing or a water damage specialist, we are here to help. Not only is the team at Premier Restorations qualified, but we also specialize in delivering quality services that match specific clients’ needs. Repairing existing drainage issues or installing new water pipes is easy.
This restoration company in New York never fails to deliver the best quality in terms of services and prompt response time. Contact us today to receive a free price quote!

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Restoration & Maintenance Services

Premier Restorations has helped both commercial and residential clients by repairing damage and providing the latest technology and expertise to protect and enhance the value of properties. We specialize in implementing technology-driven repairing, enhancement and improvement services along with offering value-added products and engineering services to maintain and restore your properties.

When faced with repairing and protection projects, the team at Premier Restorations partners with the professionals, contractors and owners to offer the best solutions, from building the façade to installing the structures again after damage. The team has industry-leading experience and specialization, which means that all the projects are done promptly and within the right budget.

Property Restoration

Delivering The Best Restoration And Damage Repairing Services For Years

The team at Premier Restorations is dedicated to assisting current and new clients 24/7. We are available at any time. No job is too big or small for our team. Since our company’s inception, we have established a reputation as one of the most professional and trusted teams in the area. Working closely with each client, we have tailored services to suit individual needs. In addition, the team is extremely knowledgeable about structural and water damage restoration in the New York City area so we can help your home get back and running fast.

The company delivers a wide range of services that includes mold remedy, fire and water damage, puff back repairs, commercial cleaning, HVACC installation, plumbing and more. We have a longtrack records of happy clients who are satisfied by the services offered by our team, the top restoration service provider in NYC.

Present at Any Emergency Situation

We can respond to emergencies and arrive within 24 hours. We quickly visit the site, address the issue, and provide the best suitable services depending on the situation. Our technicians know the importance of a quick response and provide additional emergency repairing services to prevent secondary damage. Trust our team to assist with flood damage, water cleanup, and fire damage repair services.


As you know, New York City is the city that never sleeps so the disaster recovery team from Premier Restorations is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, for emergency response. No matter what time disaster strikes, we are ready to help!

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