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Immediately give Premier Restoration a call. Water can give rise to mold and other irreversible damages to surfaces in a home. To be safe you should shut off all the utilities in your house. This will prevent any further damage. Has the electricity turned off? If it has not, then it is better not to walk through the floodwater as you might get shocked.

Hiring a professional is always a wise decision. Premier Restoration uses specialized resources and equipment for getting rid of lead, mold, smoke and water in a home. Such things should be cleaned and properly remediated so that you do not face serious health hazards and structural damage.

Well, cost of remediation varies according to the assessment of damage by the representative. However, no fee is charged for estimation.

Mold grows within 24 to 48 hours after any water damage.

Premier Restoration has its team of experienced and qualified professionals for doing the reconstruction work.

You can prevent mold growth by controlling moisture. That means you have to seal all water leaks of the house like pipes, gutters, roofs and etc as well as of the appliances like washing machine, dishwasher, etc. maintain the humidity of the indoor at around 30 to 50%.

Well, the time of remediation depends on the severity and type of damage occurred in the house or commercial building. Approximately, it ranges from 2 to 7 days.

Insurance adjuster first inspects the damage occurred in the home and then offers money for repairing depending on the policy terms of the house owner.


Give us a call at (646) 244-9772! We are there to serve you all round the clock!

Premier Restoration is there to solve any disastrous issue, complex or simple, quickly and economically! We know that every second counts.



We are a leading company in restoration industry ready to serve your needs anytime! Day or night, restoration or cleaning service of Premier Restoration is always available for you. Premier Restoration provide personalized care and guidance in an adverse situation to ensure that your life regains its normal flow.