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If the heating system at home contains a furnace or an oil burner, it is likely to have a puff back. This puff back can damage the system by causing explosion when ignited. There will be soot and smoke in the surrounding surface. Isn’t it look disgusting? Moreover, it will cause permanent damage when left untreated.


We, at Premier Restoration, offer comprehensive oil burner puff back cleaning services to businesses and residents. Our team of experts addresses soot and other kinds of debris ejected at the time of furnace puff backs, removing hazardous materials and restoring a property to its original condition.

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Soot, smoke and other harmful elements not only results in permanent damage but also emit smoke odor, which, in turn, can lead to health hazard. Premier Restoration offers quick response in such situations for removing all kinds of hazardous elements and restoring affected belongings and areas.

Puff back cleaning technicians of our company are all certified and have wealth experience to remove soot damage and smoke. We believe in providing immediate response to our clients. Our motive is to provide peace of mind to our clients along with restoration of their property. No matter what the extend of damage is on the property, Premier Restoration service professionals take decisive and instance action.

Property Restoration

Restoration of the Property


Technical team, at Premier Restoration, understands how important it is to offer rapid response to oil boiler puff back. No sooner we receive a call from our client that our experts reach the spot to prevent further damage and eliminate strong odor of oil. Our professionals have the expertise to implement ‘a site-specific action plan’. By utilizing appropriate methodologies and cleaning solutions, our experts eliminate debris and soot from the site.

Our oil burner puff back repair servicemen diligently work to restore every item and surface and completely deodorize a property. Get in touch with Premier Restoration to have complete puff back repairing and cleaning services!

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